YCS Thursday


BA Sports Thursdays (Grades 1-5): Intramural Sports Tournament Class Grades 1-5. Dates: 2/2/23-6/15/23 (16 classes)
  •  The most popular class offered by Big Apple at YCS! This class is very high energy and is designed for more competitive students.

  •   This coed class will play all the sports offered by BA including traditional sports like soccer and hockey to popular BA designed sports like Koala Baseball, European Handball, Running Bases and Kio Fastbreak!

  • The beginning of the semester will be more instructional but as the class progresses we will divide the class into two teams and run a semester-long tournament complete with trophies and MVP awards! THIS CLASS WILL SELL OUT!!

  • Please be aware all BA classes will also on occasion play other sports than those listed for the class on that day.