PS 6 Wednesday


Wednesdays: All Girls Sports Tournament Class; Grades 2-5; First Class: 2/1/23; Last Class: 6/14/23: Sessions: 18

The focus of this class will be on basic skill development in a variety of fast paced sports for young female athletes.

This class will cover a specific one of the listed sports for two weeks using creative drills, training, and in game situations. We will then run a 3/4 week tournament in that sport. We then move on to the next sport and repeat the process!

Big Apple will run drills, games, and tournaments that will emphasize player development, sportsmanship, agility, eye-hand coordination and in game communication.  This class will sell out!

The sports covered: Baseball, Dodgeball, Power Kickball, Field Hockey, Pickle Ball, European Handball, and Speedball.